A&A Packaging adds the G Pen Vaporizer and the G Pen Vaporizer Micro to their collection of Vaporizers.


Due to popular demand A&A Packaging now offers the G Pen line of Vaporizer pens and accessories

A&A Packaging, L.A.’s one stop shop for medical marijuana dispensary supplies has announced the addition of the G Pen vaporizer pen to their line of vaporizer products.

The G Pen design is made up of four essential pieces. You have the screw in mouthpiece tip, the tank which is where you would put the concentrate oils, the stainless steel metal casing that houses the G Pen Tank and of course the battery unit. The G Pen boasts a sleek sturdy all black design and is essential for getting the most out of your concentrate oils at home or on the go.

The G Pen has a great presentation and it comes packaged in a stylish box that makes for easy storage when the pen is not in use. Aside from the standard usb charger that most vaporizer pens come with the G Pen vaporizer also comes with a concentrate tool to help with the application of the oils as well as with two glass concentrate containers for proper storage of your oils.

The growing popularity of concentrated oils within the MMJ industry has given new life to the vaporizer pen community. The process of heating up the oils to the point that only the necessary vapors are being inhaled is said to produce a less “toxic” end result for the consumer. Another added bonus is the convenience these pens present. The G Pen vaporizer comfortably fits in the palm of your hand and gives you the freedom to take it with you wherever you go.

Aside from the G Pen Vaporizer unit A&A Packaging has also started carrying replacement parts for the current G Pen owners. A&A Packaging currently carry’s replacement coils and replacement tanks for the G Pen Vaporizer

A&A Packaging is a “one stop shop” for packaging materials (reverse cap vials, pop top marijuana bottles ,glass jars, prescription bags and  prescription labels), vaporizers (710 vaporizer pen, optimus atmos vaporizer pen, G Pen vaporizer, and the phantom digital vaporizer) glass and metal water pipes(hand pipes, novelty pipes, bubblers, bongs) as well as a large selection of concentrate tools and smoke shop accessories (generic dabbers, glass wands, skillet tools, clear eyes, rolling papers, blunt wraps ash trays, grinders etc..). With competitive pricing and flexible shipping options it’s no surprise as to why so many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries count on A&A Packaging for all of their dispensary supply needs.

For more information about A&A Packaging or to see a catalog of the items we currently carry please visit http://www.vialsondemand.com

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