States Finally Begin Adopting Compassionate, Commonsense Legislation For The Medical Marijuana Industry.

Uruguay_2632936bWithin the last couple of months the Medical Marijuana Industry has seen promising advances thanks to pleasantly surprising legislative rulings on its behalf. For several years now the amount of support surrounding the legalization of Medical Marijuana has been slowly growing, steadily pushing beyond city, state, and even country borders. What were once only whispers in the dark have now materialized into legal action to allow for the decriminalization and in some cases the recreational use of Medical Marijuana by adults. Although there is still a long road ahead it is increasingly motivating to see the amount of positive reports that have recently flooded our news outlets. It is as if the constant debates and dialogue many MMJ advocates have diligently engaged in over the past few years are finally reaching those once deaf ears of congress. The funny thing about commonsense is that it is really not that common at all, we can only hope that as these debates intensify and begin to take center stage our congress begins to realize how the benefits of legalization far outweigh any perceived negative repercussions. Not only is legalization an asset from a monetary point of view but more importantly it is quickly becoming the medicine of choice for patients suffering from severe medical conditions.

“I feel that this is something, whatever faith we practice, we all believe that helping those who are sick, helping them recover and also helping them deal with pain, that’s a tenet in every faith and every religion,”-Pat Quinn (Illinois Governor)

As active members and supporters of everything MMJ business related we here at would like to congratulate the states of New Hampshire (18), Washington D.C (19), and Illinois (20) for taking the first major step towards officially authorizing the physician-recommended use of cannabis for qualified patients (20 down 30 to go). Although getting a bill passed by the senate and signed by the state’s governor is a crucial step it is still only one of the many hurdles on the road to legalization. In Illinois lawmakers are being criticized because even though they will allow patients the use of medical cannabis, the topic of allowing patients to grow at home is not as acceptable. This could prove to be a dilemma for those patients who need the medicine but may not live close enough to an authorized Marijuana Dispensary.

In Washington D.C patients are one step closer to pain relief as the first Medical Marijuana purchase in the state’s history has been recently recorded. New Hampshire is also on the verge as they have recently created a committee to assist with the regulation of Medical Marijuana patients and dispensaries within the state. Their approach appears to be much more organized than that of previous states and we are all keeping a close eye on the developments.

Here at we are all about the little guys doing big things and we would like to congratulate the country of Uruguay for their forward thinking and bravery. Uruguay is on the verge of becoming the first country in the world to officially accept the cultivation and selling of Medical Marijuana. They have in essence taken the bull by the horns and you can guarantee that other countries around the world are keeping a close eye on the developments. With countries like Uruguay taking such drastic steps towards the legalization of Medical Marijuana it finally seems as though the idea of legalization has become the reasonable option.

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