Prescription Drugs vs Medical Cannabis: The never ending debate.

MedicationsFor years marijuana advocates have made the argument that medical cannabis has benefited them much more than any prescription medication they ever consumed or were prescribed. Prescription drugs as we all know have some serious side effects depending on which medication is being consumed whether it be; anti-depressants, opioids, Percocet’s. Many of us are familiar with these prescription drugs some of which have side effects such as even more depression or anxiety, chemical dependency, or even suicidal thoughts.


saferOn the other hand you have marijuana users whom use the natural plant for its proclaimed medicinal purposes of relieving symptoms such as; anxiety, depression, pain, as well as issues such as problems sleeping. One thing many individuals can agree on whether they use marijuana or not are the side effects of using marijuana. The side effects are not nearly as serious as side effects that result from using certain prescription drugs. There is no proof that you can become chemically dependent on marijuana nor does it cause you to have suicidal thoughts. The difference in side effects between marijuana and prescription drugs are frankly black and white, black in this case being the prescription drugs do to some of the harsh side effects certain prescription drugs have.


helpline5The fact of the matter is when we look at the bigger picture, how many marijuana users are being admitted into rehabilitation centers compared to the number of prescription drug users being admitted. The numbers would be a world of a difference. What is your take on this matter? Do you think some illnesses require prescription medication or do you find that marijuana is a useful source of medication for many of your illnesses without having the side effects of some prescription drugs?

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