7878545medical-marijuana-rxI will never forget my first visit to a medical marijuana dispensary. It was like being a kid in a candy store except this “candy” had magical powers or so that’s how I felt after consuming the delicious chocolate bar.  Upon arriving to the dispensary I was greeted by a receptionist whom took my medical recommendation as well as my California ID and verified my information which took a matter of less than 5 minutes.  Once I was verified and a patient of the dispensary I was buzzed through a green door and this is where, as some say, “the magic happens”.

greendoorUpon walking through the green door, to the right of me was a large TV playing back a movie (which I don’t recall what was playing), in front of the large TV was an L shaped black couch with a coffee table that had some medical marijuana books and other literature available for patients to read while they waited to be seen by the bud tenders. To the left of the TV was a long display case with medications properly being stored in large mason jars, behind the display case on the wall was the menu of the dispensary which was broken down to: name of strain and the prices were broken down to; 1g, half 1/8, 1/8, 1/4, half oz, and Oz. Honestly I was in shock at the amount of options I had in front of me. The strains were written in three different colors; red for indica, green for sativa, and blue for hybrid.

F.T.P.DWhen it was finally my turn to be seen by the next available bud tender he introduced himself and asked for my first time patient ticket and proceed to explain what I was going to be receiving as a first time patient which was 1g of free medication, a small spoon pipe, and a free lighter as well as a discount for my first time purchase.  The bud tender was very helpful in identifying my request when I told him what I was looking for.

Ill never forget my first time visit to a medical marijuana dispensary do to the fact that from the receptionist to the bud tender to the security they all made it a pleasant experience and that’s why they gained my business until eventually for one reason or another they were closed down by the city they conducted business in. Do you recall your first time visit to a dispensary? What made you come back or why didn’t you go back? Do you remember what your first time patient gifts are? Feel free to comment about your experience   and share your great or horror stories of first time visits.customer-service

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