No Clue

ImagePatrick Kennedy a former U.S. representative of Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district, son of Edward Kennedy and member of the famous Kennedy family is fighting to keep marijuana illegal. Kennedy is the chairman of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), a new national organization with a wish to force marijuana consumers into treatment and subject them to mandatory health screenings and “marijuana education” camps.

To add insult to injury to marijuana advocates and enthusiasts the clueless Kennedy was quoted saying, “Marijuana destroys the brain and expedites psychosis,” he said Tuesday. “It’s just overall a very dangerous drug.”

This coming from a man whose family has made a fortune in selling alcohol for years, a substance that’s been proven more dangerous than marijuana.

Kennedy and others have been invited to a National Conference in February to better inform Kennedy amongst others to Develop Public Health Policy based on science and not just uneducated assumptions.

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