Green Teen

TeenThe 2012 Monitoring the Future Survey; an ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American students reported that there was no rise in marijuana use among teens grade 8-12. Stating that the annual marijuana use showed no further increase in any of the grades surveyed in 2012… and the daily use of marijuana remained essentially flat.”

Sabrina Fendrick of the NORML Women’s Alliance said “This study suggests that exposure among teens to the concept of marijuana regulation policies does not cause an increase in use. It is also important to consider that a drop in perceived risk is likely associated with their rejection of the overzealous scare tactics used in most schools’ drug education programs.”

Although the survey shows one statistic, marijuana use and availability nationwide still remain at high levels, while alcohol stay at historical lows. Maybe because cannabis remains illegal and subject to government controls, while alcohol is legally restricted to adults only.

In conclusion, the most sensible solution for restricting marijuana access to minors is through state and local government regulation.

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