Prescription Glasses


If the Mayans were any good at predicting the future they could have prepared a little better for their inevitable extinction. It is 9:24am December 21st 2012 and instead of clamoring for supplies and loading up on weapons for a zombie apocalypse, we at Vials On Demand are stocking up on new products and letting you the public know about our new inventory of glass pipes. Vials On Demand, your one stop shop for your entire dispensary needs has recently added new styles of glass bubblers, hand pipes, water pipes & glass accessories.

Glass bubblers vary in size, color and chambers. From a single chamber to a multi-chamber (as many as five chambers), from single to multi color or even color changing designs, we have it.

Hand pipes come in all shapes and sizes. From twelve to three inches with all sorts of psychedelic designs, each pipe provides function and aesthetics.

Some water pipes include percolators and come in sizes as big as eighteen inches and as short as seven inches. Down stems and bowl pieces can be found in the glass accessories section to compliment your new water pipe.

Don’t wait ‘till the next end of the world. Go check them out in the “Glass and Metal Pipes” section on

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