Medical Marijuana Packaging And Smoke Shop Accessories

Running a successful marijuana dispensary is like running a well oiled machine. In order for the machine to continue to operate well, all the parts of the machine need to be in good working order. VialsOnDemand helps your business running well by offering you both your medication packaging as well as add on products, accessories, and a variety of marijuana dispensary solutions. We are your one stop shop for all your dispensary needs. As a business you no longer have to order your pop top vials or reversible cap vials from one company and your smoke shop accessories such as pipes, rolling papers, grinders, lighters and concentrate tools.


VialsOnDemand offers medicine vials, pop top vials, child proof vials as well as glass vials and concentrate containers for your dispensary needs. We carry a variety of sizes from containers that fit 1 gram of medication as well as containers that fit up to 14 grams of medication! VialsOnDemand is the only packaging company you will find with 10+ colored vials to choose from at competitive rates! We also offer prescription bags for your dispensary which has the proper printing which are in compliance according to local state laws. VialsOnDemand offers a price match guarantee meaning we will price match and BEAT any ADVERTISED price by  5%!


VialsOnDemand is not only your number one source for your dispensary packaging but we also carry add on products such as rolling papers, a variety of glass pipes and spoons, concentrate tools, grinders, glass and metal screens, lighters and torches. VialsOnDemand offers all the most popular brands such as Zig Zag, Raw, Element, as well as XXL wraps. Check out our Glass and Metal Pipes section on our website to browse through different types of pipes from metal pipes to glass pipes including glass bubblers and chillums.

Why Order your packaging supplies and your smoke shop accessories from two different companies when VialsOnDemand can be your ONE STOP SHOP! Save time and Money by shopping with us and we will do our best and meet and exceed your expectations.

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10 Responses to Medical Marijuana Packaging And Smoke Shop Accessories

  1. jerramy ness says:

    great lookin stuff, any way I can get some samples of some various size pop tops and check out some label samples?

  2. davideric05 says:

    Hello jerramy ness please visit our site and request a free sample kit

  3. Maritza vega says:

    Hi I’d like to know how to request a sample pack

  4. Maritza vega says:

    How do I request a sample package?

  5. Carla says:

    I’m interested in Ira sample oak

  6. Maritza vega says:

    Hi I was wondering how I request a sample package.
    My address is:
    18400 El Paso Rd.
    Madera, Ca 93638

  7. Carla Ramos says:

    How to you request a free sample pack

  8. Matt says:

    I was lookong for samples for my local shop.
    Matthew pike

  9. Kyle says:

    Hi can you put the link on here for free samples

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