New items Added to VialsOnDemand

VialsOnDemand is continuously bringing you new products and this week is no different. This week we have added a variety of pipes to help with your sales in your business along with 2 new torch lighters which are sure to bring your numbers up in sales. Some of The new pipes we have can be seen here;


3″ Glass Chillums which are great for first time gifts and for retail

Incognito Lip Stick Pipes which come in packs of 12

Metal Flash Light Pipe for the more secretive pipe


You can view all of our pipes which have been added to our site here;

New Glass And Metal Pipes

We have also added some new torch lighters to the site which are great up sells and add ons for your business.

Jet Torch Pro Series

Jet Torch Premium Series

Please feel free to also visit the lighter and torches section of the site to check out all the new items available on VialsOnDemand.

New Lighters and Jet Torches

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