Raw Cones and Cones Rolling Papers

Most if not all medical marijuana patients have either seen, used, or are aware of the premium papers , Raw Rolling Papers. Some patients are so loyal to the brand they won’t roll their medication in anything else but Raw paper products. In today’s blog we are going to talk about Raw Cones. Raw Cones are essentially pre-rolled rolling papers which all the patient has to do is grind up their medication, drop it into the pre-rolled cone and twist the end of the cone once the desired dose of medication has been met. With Raw Cones there is no need to use a cigarette roller, you don’t need to know how to roll, all you need is your medication and the ability to twist the end of the cone to close up your medicated Raw Cone. This is also a very popular choice for collectives and medical marijuana dispensaries because as opposed to having a volunteer roll, pre-rolled cigarettes you can save time and money by simply having the volunteer stuff the Cone papers as opposed to having to use a roller for every pre roll in your shop. It is a great up sell product for your business and your patients are sure to appreciate you carrying a premium line of Rolling Papers.


Additionally we have a different brand of rolling papers known as Cones. Cones are very similar to the Raw Cones in the sense that they are shaped like a cone and you simply need to stuff the paper Cone with the desired amount of medication, twist the end of the cone and your medicated cone is ready for consumption.  Both of these items are a great addition to your line of products you are already carrying in your dispensary so please feel free to check out the product pages to see more details on our Raw Cones as well as the Cones and remember that VialsOnDemand is your one stop shop for all your medical marijuana collective and dispensary needs!

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