THC Illegal but CBD Legal?

Recently a company from Israel has stated that they have found a way to cultivate marijuana plants which are very low in THC, however high in CBD or “cannabidiol” which is said to be the main chemical compound found in the marijuana plant which is said to be responsible for anti-inflammatory properties.  The new species of plant is known as “Avidekel” and it is the first strain of cannabis to contain almost no THC at all. According to the International Hemp Association the CBD compound has no psychotropic effects, meaning there is no “high” that comes from consuming large amounts of CBD. According to the company a massive dose of CBD has no side effects and it becomes very effective as an anti-psychotic when given in high doses. CBD also appears to shrink tumors.


Obviously this is an advance in revealing the true medical properties of the marijuana plant and its many benefits to the medical field and possibly a step in the right direction to legitimize marijuana as a real medicine. Although the company has been able to isolate the CBD compound in the marijuana plant, I feel that there will still be some medicinal value lost by only having a CBD rich marijuana plant. I strongly believe that there are strong medical values found in the THC ingredient in the marijuana plant. After all , the THC found in marijuana is responsible for inducing sleep, anxiolytic properties, as well as anti-psychotic effects and therefore do not feel that THC should be ruled out completely as a medical chemical compound. What do you think? Would you be okay with a marijuana plant that had no THC?

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One Response to THC Illegal but CBD Legal?

  1. dan says:

    if I only wanted cbd because of it is medicinal value sure why not

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