Marijuana: No longer the Gateway Drug?

We have all heard someone argue the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug to other harder drugs, some of us might even be the ones making that argument. However over the years, the perception of marijuana has changed to something that was once taboo to present day where it is one (1) starting to become accepted as a medication and two (2) it is starting to become more socially acceptable and three (3) the general public is beginning to realize that funds are being wasted prosecuting patients using medical marijuana legal under state and local laws.


A recent study made by The Journal of School Health shows that the blame on “gateway drugs” is starting to move towards the most socially accepted drug in today’s society: Alcohol. The study showed that by delaying the exposure to alcohol initiation the rate of experimenting with other substances such as tobacco and marijuana would hopefully go down. When you think about it, the argument actually makes sense. People tend to lose their inhibitions and lower their moral values when under the influence of alcohol and are therefore more likely to take part in using other licit or illicit substances such as marijuana and other drugs.


                I for one am a strong believer that marijuana is a much safer and better alternative to alcohol. I have seen firsthand the side effects of what too much alcohol can do to an individual’s mind set and have also seen what happens to someone who also consumes “a lot” of marijuana and I can tell you this with full confidence that I would rather be in the company of someone whom has consumed even a large amount of marijuana as opposed to someone whom has had too much to drink. The behavior is as different as night and day. It’s time to point out the elephant in the room and realize that marijuana isn’t the reason for many accidents and other negative behaviors in society, it’s time for a change.

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