Common Misconceptions of Medical Marijuana Patients

There are many misconceptions or myths about medical marijuana patients that sometimes give the whole medical marijuana industry a bad name and bad reputation which in return causes more hurdles and obstacles in the continuing effort to full legalization of medical marijuana. Some believe that the majority of medical marijuana patients take advantage of the law and only get access to medical marijuana to get “high” as opposed to using the medicine to treat any actual ailments. Although it is unfortunate that there are certain cases where there are some “patients” abusing the law and simply obtaining medical marijuana to get high. However, the majority of patients have actual ailments and find relief through the use of medicinal marijuana.


Other common misconceptions of the medical marijuana patient is that they are taking advantage of the system by having safe access to medical marijuana and then turn around and resell it to those whom don’t yet have safe access to medicinal marijuana. It is unfortunate that this is somewhat true for some patients and the real patients whom need it for legitimate reasons get tainted with the idea that they might be doing this as well. The patients have no control over what other patients do with their medications. If a patient is caught reselling their medication I am for prosecuting that individual and revoking their safe access to medical marijuana. Just like it is illegal to resell prescription drugs the same goes for medical marijuana because after-all it is a prescription medicine that has been recommended by a physician to a patient.


All these misconceptions could be easily debunked if medicinal marijuana was completely legal and there was safe access available to the patients whom needed it. If there was safe access to whoever benefited from the medicine there would be no issues of “patients” abusing the law because there would be more strict regulations as far as who has safe access to medical marijuana. Also if it were completely legal for medicinal purposes there would be no worried patrons whom some are currently afraid to get access to medicinal marijuana and therefore reselling would not be an issue. All these myths about medical marijuana patients would be debunked if full legalization were a thing of reality, but one can only hope and look forward to reform of current medical marijuana laws.

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3 Responses to Common Misconceptions of Medical Marijuana Patients

  1. jpsaoe says:

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    I understand the system and how it operates>i see the lies and the gimmicks even at first glance…i see the lies they tell us about the green herb. and now their plan is to have everyone be dumb ed down by smoking all these genetically modified high thc dosed plants when all that is doing is making us lazier and more unproductive to doing anything about what is going on in front of our very eyes. Weather through the mass media or its entertainment industry, all of us in one way or another have been misguided by the system of evil that is around us.

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