VialsOnDemand Still Your One Stop Shop!

Our pink pop top vials have been a great hit since the release of them a couple weeks ago! Our customers are calling us and giving us great feedback ordering more pink containers. The pink vials are available in pop top, reversible cap, and our popular joint tube. VialsOnDemand is still your number one stop shop for all your smoke shop or dispensary needs. We carry various items from pop top vials, reversible cap vials, as well as small concentrate containers. Our containers come in a wide variety of colors including; black, blue, clear, green, purple, red, white, as well as pink. VialsOnDemand also offers products such as rolling papers, blunt wraps, BIC lighters, ash trays, humidity packs, clear eyes, and a variety of other items. Feel free to check out our best sellers section on VialsOnDemand to view the many different items VialsOnDemand carries.

 Along with bringing you all the necessary items you may need to supply your smoke shop or dispensary VialsOnDemand guarantees same day delivery within the Los Angeles area on all orders placed by 2pm PST. No need to go out and do the shopping for your dispensary taking time away from your operations at your collective.

Have all your items delivered to you on the same day with same day delivery. Although we do carry a variety of products at vialsondemand we are aware of special request from certain customers for specific items, if you do not see the item listed on our site please feel free to contact us and see if we are able to obtain the item for you and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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