Marijuana Use Becoming More Public

The signs and advertisements for medical marijuana shops are increasing on a daily basis. More websites and easier access to marijuana has brought on a new challenge to those families whom would usually have deemed marijuana and marijuana drug use as a negative thing. With hundreds of advertisements and marijuana surfacing to the public eye and no longer in the shadows, families have to discuss drug issues more openly with their younger siblings or children. Parent-child conversations have evolved from parents threatening to kick their kids out for using marijuana to explaining to their children that the use of medical marijuana is for those whom are ill and of legal age that benefit from the use of medical marijuana and differentiate from those who use it for other reasons then medicinal purposes.

     With the wider acceptance of medical marijuana parents will need to talk to their children about marijuana use. In today’s day and age the majority of parents or soon to be parents have lived during a time where they either used marijuana themselves or it was during a time where the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes took into effect. The issue is unavoidable, once the younger generations begin to be able to identify what the green crosses mean and continue to hear the term “medical” and “marijuana” in the same sentence they are going to start asking questions and us as elders are responsible in providing them with the correct information as opposed to back when our parents threatened us by kicking us out the house if we were to partake in any drug aka “marijuana” use.

Times have changed and laws have evolved to the modern day. What was once seen as unacceptable and a taboo is now being brought out into the view of the public and showing that not all negative connotations with marijuana are true as was once preached to us by our elders. Times are changing and as a society we are learning to evolve with the ever changing medical marijuana laws.

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