Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Going To Be Closing?

Federal prosecutors are once again going after the landlords whom are currently leasing out to medical marijuana businesses seeking forfeiture of the properties in which they do business.  The authorities are however taking a different approach this time in how they target the medical marijuana businesses being operated. Authorities are pressuring landlords to shut down the shops of face possible loss of the real estate through the unconventional and otherwise low-key use of a civil statue designed primarily to seize the assists of drug-trafficking organizations, in this case the feds aren’t going after simply the assets of the medical marijuana business itself but they are going after the property of the landlord in an effort to keep landlords from continuing to rent out to medical marijuana clubs.


           This time the feds are taking a different approach in an effort to discourage landlords from renting out to medical marijuana businesses.  Originally when the feds were bringing criminal charges against the medical marijuana business the federal government would get attacked in the press for overseeing California Law attacking the sick people whom are simply wanting safe access to their medications. This time the federal authorities are filing asset-forfeiture lawsuits against these commercial properties. The provision has been used before but mainly applied to residential properties used by drug traffickers to grow, store or distribute marijuana, legal experts say there is no reason it cannot be applied to commercial properties of medical marijuana shops.


This just simply seems like another effort from the federal government in order to regulate or completely shut down the medical marijuana industry as a whole. However, if the efforts from the federal government were to be successful in closing these medical marijuana shops starting with California, it could spread to other states with medical marijuana laws.

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