Full Legalization Of Marijuana not Supported In California

A recent survey shows that only 46% of respondents said they support legalization of “general or recreational use by adults” although there is a overwhelming backing for the medicinal use for patients with terminal and debilitating conditions. If you recall a couple years back (2010) proposition 19 was an issue being addressed on the November ballot and in the end the voters decided against passing prop 19 which would make the legalization of marijuana for recreational use a reality.


The recent survey that was just released has once again shown that most California voters are against the idea of fully legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The survey showed that although many voters are sympathetic to the fact that some individuals require safe access to their medication, they feel that fully legalizing the medication is somehow taking advantage of the law. The opposition to full legalization states that the state needs to regulate its medical marijuana distribution better, before the public will go for a wider use or more lenient laws on medical marijuana.


Essentially the issue here is that California voters do not feel it is the right time to fully legalize medical marijuana because it feels that it should be regulated first and the current issues with prop 215 should be ironed out first. One issue they are concerned with is the fact that although prop 215 allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes it does not allow transportation of marijuana or protects patients from being able to transport medical marijuana as it is currently written. Therefore there are a number of reasons that California voters are against fully legalizing the plant and until there is a solid reason presented to the people of California I am afraid marijuana will be limited to those who have illnesses that can be treated with the use of medical marijuana.

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