Proposal To Ban Dispensaries in Los Angeles County Gains Steam

A proposal to ban Cannabis Dispensaries all together has the Los Angeles medical marijuana industry bracing itself for the possibility of a ban on all storefronts in the Los Angeles area.  A vote from the city council planning committee has voted in favor of a proposal that would force the closure of hundreds of medical marijuana clinics and prevent new ones from opening. A ban on storefront dispensaries is the worst case scenario for the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles. The impact on the local economy would spread onto other businesses if there were permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

What would this mean to the medical marijuana industry if such an ordinance were to take effect in one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the country? For one, thousands of jobs would be lost. The employees currently working at collectives and dispensaries would all be put out of work and therefore the local businesses around would have less people visiting and spending money at their local business. Along with the individuals losing their jobs the landlords of buildings which once rented out locations to these medical marijuana collectives would now have vacant suites with the trouble of having to find new tenants to occupy the newly vacant suites.

Although this is still an issue that has to be brought up to the city council and a decision has yet to be made on the subject, it seems obvious that the negative effect this kind of ordinance could have would more than likely hurt the economy and allowing such a proposal almost seems irresponsible for the city council to allow it. In reality what is really going on here? The city is overseeing the state law which was passed to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes and proposing its own laws and trying to deny its patients from safe access to their medications.  Overall there is reason to believe that the ordinance will not pass because the city council has usually been lenient with matters such as the one being discussed  and therefore hopefully there is no significant impact in patients having safe and available access to their medications.

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