Collectives requiring Patients to Participate in Running Operations?

An issue was recently brought to the attention of The California Supreme Court in regards to how medical marijuana collectives should be operated. Kamala D. Harris was at the frontline of the issue stating that under the legal model which medical marijuana dispensaries operate “dispensaries and patients must come together in some way in order for the collective to enjoy legal protection”. This entails that the patients that belong to a specific collective must somehow be a part of the cultivation process or distribution process of that collective.


Most of us are aware that some collectives and dispensaries have a large amount of patients and have small store fronts or pharmacy’s and therefore it would not be practical to have a large amount of patients in a collective at one time contributing their time to follow the model under which a collective should operate. Implementing such a law that would require all patients to contribute their time to a collective would be taking a step in the wrong direction of full legalization of medical marijuana. There is simply not enough chores to be done in any size collective for all patients to contribute to a collective. The fact of the matter is realistically having every patient that is part of a collective contribute to some part of the collective is simply unattainable.  Collectives are usually fairly small and cannot accommodate a large number of patients at one time.


 Although this legal issue is likely to get thrown out in court it is still an important issue that was brought up in regards to medical marijuana collectives and how they should operate. Are the patients not already contributing to the collective by signing up and as a member and giving donations every time they visit the collective? A collective would not be able to operate with members whom have willfully signed up to become a member and contribute donations to the collective in order to keep operations running. This was simply another attack on the medical marijuana industry and an effort from a politician to set up yet another obstacle in the medical marijuana industry.

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