VialsOnDemand has all your dispensary needs!

vialsondemand, A&A packaging,pop top containers, medicine containers,In past articles we have discussed some of the different types of pop top containers, reversible cap, hinged containers as well as a variety of other items we have available. VialsOnDemand is able to meet all of your dispensary and collective needs when it comes to the items we have available.  Today we are going to discuss all the other items we currently have available to meet your dispensary and collective needs.

vialsondemand,glass pipe, glass, pipesVialsOnDemand offers items such as small 3” glass pipes, 5” glass pipe, screens. Glass pipes should be a staple in every dispensary or collective because of the convenience your customer will have by picking up their medication as well as a glass pipe if they may have recently lost or broken there pipe they were using. This is a very good add-on when patients visit your storefront because you can remind them of the benefits that come from using a glass pipe as opposed to burning paper or using tobacco leaves.

metal grinders, grinders, pipes, vialsondemand, pop top containersWe also carry grinders both metal and plastic which are great for selling or even giving away. Our metal grinders have done very well in dispensaries and collectives because of the strong 3 piece construction and smooth metallic finish. Our plastic grinders are popular amongst dispensaries and are normally used as a promotional item. Dispensaries will usually use the plastic grinders and place a small label advertising there specials or simply advertising the dispensary itself. They are inexpensive and a great way to promote your business and get your name out to your customers.

invoice books, invoice, vialsondemand, pop top containers, medicine containersAlong with a variety of glass pipes, glass screens, metal and plastic grinders we also carry items of the following; lighters, ashtrays, invoice booklets, pipe screens, humidity packs and everything in between. Therefore if you’re a new dispensary or collective feel free to browse our site and check out our inventory and if there is something you’re interested in purchasing but don’t see on our site please feel free to contact us so that we can go about obtaining the item for you.

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