Glass Screens Vs Metal Screens : Which is my better option?

Some of us use them every time we medicate. Others only use them when using a certain type of pipe or rig. I have personally used them when medicating with certain concentrated medication or when I am using a pipe or rig that I know has the tendency to have ash shoot into my mouth when medicating.  I am talking about pipe screens. Pipe screens help keep ash from shooting into your mouth as well as help ensure that your medication is being fully consumed as opposed to simply being burned and sometimes only being able to burn the top portion of the medicine when it lies in your pipe. But when choosing a screen which type is the better choice? A glass screen or a metal mesh screen? In this article we will discuss the differences and pros and cons of both choices.

Metal screens are probably the most popular when it comes to using any type of pipe screen and the reason is more times than not smoke shops which carry tobacco pipes usually have these metal mesh pipe screens and are very inexpensive for the consumer. The good thing about metal screens sold in head shops is that they are usually made from either copper or steel which has a high resistance to heat and will not let off any fumes or chemicals when being heated by a regular lighter. Although it has a high resistance to heat, metal screens can sometimes give off a metal taste when using them in a pipe and therefore can be a disadvantage to using metal screens.

Another type of screen that has become a more popular and is a smarter, healthier alternative to metal screens is glass pipe screens. Glass pipe screens usually come in two designs; a small glass jacks figure, or a small what is called a daisy screen because of its resemblance to a daisy flower. Both of these screens work just as the metal screens would. They drop right into your pipe and work as a screen to prevent ash, as well as allow for the whole medication to be consumed as opposed to being wasted or it burning through into your mouth. Glass screens are a much healthier alternative because the glass has a high resistance to heat and will not give off any chemical or fume when it is exposed to high amounts of heat.

Whether you’re already using metal mesh pipe screens or already using the glass screens or maybe not using a screen at all. If you’re going to use any type of screen at all we would recommend you go with glass screens. They are becoming more common and are a much healthier alternative to using metal screens, after all shouldn’t ones medication be kept as natural as possible without any chemicals or fumes being fused into our medicines?

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6 Responses to Glass Screens Vs Metal Screens : Which is my better option?

  1. Can u use glass screens in a metal pipe?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Glass screens in any regular pipe or water pipe they last longer too metal screen centers burn out glass do not you can reuse them too just pop em out and
    wash em under hot water !

  4. Anonymous says:

    On amazon 20 pcs.of glass daisy screens are 5.00$ free shipping !

  5. Eyedunno says:

    It’s funny, I have glass pipes and a vaporizer, and still always find myself going back to my metal pipe. I know that makes me unusual, but I like the weight in my hand, the fact that I know it won’t break, and the control provided by a screw-on bowl lid (with a small hole). That said, while I’ve used glass screens on one of my glass pipes for years, I only just started using glass screens (honeycomb style) on my metal pipe, and I will never go back. It’s just so much harder to clog or burn through, much easier to clean and reuse, and it stays in the bowl after just a couple sessions, yet it’s also easier to get out of the bowl when it’s time (just heat it up a little and pry it out).

    It’s best that everyone who uses the pipe knows it has a glass screen in it, so they avoid stupid behavior that might break the screen or result in it being thrown away. Other than that though, they’re plainly superior to metal screens.

  6. Caitlyn says:

    Y’all need Pyptek pipes! They are too cool. A metal and glass pipe combo, with a scientific glass inner chamber and a metal protective shell that you can take apart and is basically indistrucable. I know this isn’t about pipes per say but it felt right to inform the public of how awesome Pyptek pipes are. They DO have metal screen inserts that are easy to remove and replace and make it virtually impossible to get scoobs when you hit it. for the ILLEST.

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