The majority of us have all either bought some, stored some for too long, or just forgot to close the container lid correctly resulting in dry meds. Dry meds can pretty much ruin your medication or what is left of it. It changes the taste, the texture, as well as what I believe is the potency of the medication. I myself have been known to throw away some medications which have been dried out for too long and become very hard and brittle . After all you wouldn’t swallow Tylenol which expired 3 months ago would you? So what are some options you have when it comes to (1)one storing your items, (2) two keeping your items fresh, and (3)three is there anything you can do once your medication has started to dry out?

 In today’s blog we will discuss some items which can be used to store your medications and how these items help to keep your meds fresh and last longer as opposed to keeping your meds in a plastic baggy or in the open atmosphere such as in a regular container. The first and probably most available to most patients are the small plastic medical jars which are dispensed at your local collective or dispensary.  These small containers are great for storing your meds and keeping them fresh, to a certain extent of course. If you are the type of person that prefers to purchase your medication in bulk where the smaller medicinal jars won’t fit all your meds you may want to invest in a mason jar which are air tight and allows no air to sneak into your medication causing it to dry out.

Now what happens if you already have your medications in a small container whether that is a plastic or glass mason jar and for some reason your meds began to dry out? The reason for this is that there is not enough moisture in the container causing the medication to take longer to dry out, but inevitably will dry out over the course of time. However using small humidity packs will not only revive your medication to its original state it will prolong the life of your medications. Humidity packs are currently available in the following humidity percentage; 62%, 69%, 72%. So as you can see we have discussed a variety of different methods in regards to keeping your medications fresh or reviving them once there beginning to dry out. Feel free to visit our site to check out a number of products mentioned in this article including the humidity packs.

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