Democrats Looking to End Federal Intervention of Medical Marijuana

The division between federal and state law in regards to marijuana laws has always been divided and an issue in the medical marijuana industry. Federal law states that any use, possession, consumption or cultivation has always been illegal since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. However in the present day there are a total of 16 states as well as almost 10 additional states which are in the process of possibly passing bills which would make the use of marijuana for its medicinal purposes legal within those states.


The issue here lies in the fact that federal funds are being used to target individuals as well as dispensaries and collectives in states with medical marijuana laws although these people are following the laws of their respective states. The amendment which has been in debate for almost the last decade was reintroduced after an increase in federal funds being used to take action against state-legal medical marijuana providers throughout the country over the last year.

 The strong democratic support for the bill which would call for the termination of federal funds being used to target these state law abiding individuals is sending out a clear message to the Obama administration which is that they are tired of seeing federal resources dedicated to undermining state medical marijuana laws.



The democratic members understand that when the Obama administration forces the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries, they are driving patients back to the streets to acquire their medicine. States are doing the right thing by ensuring that patients have safe access to medical marijuana. It is only a matter of time before every member of congress accepts the truth.

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    Hi, I’m the artist who did the drawing of the hooded figure in this post .Please remove the drawing immediately. Thank you

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