Got Papers? Rolling Papers That Is…..

Zig Zags, Pure Hemps, Aleda transparent wraps, Element Rice papers, Raw Rolling papers. Theres no secret that when it comes to rolling up your medication into a neatly rolled cigarette you have an abundance of which brand and type of paper you can use to roll your favorite medication into. But is there a difference in any of these papers? Absolutely. Today we will focus on the various types of papers and what they are made of as well as the more popular brands that the majority seems to prefer.

We have all used them, some of us call every type of rolling paper by this name and others will only use these types of papers, Im talking about Zig Zags. Zig Zags have long been the prefered choice of rolling papers for many generations and will continue to be one of the most popular brands of rolling papers because of its long history. The most common Zig Zag papers (white box) are made from wood pulp,flax, and gum arabic. Another popular brand are the Aleda transparent wraps which are made from 100% Vegetable Cellulose which is also 100% biodegradable and tasteless to ensure you get the full flavor of your medications.

Last but not least two of the brands and types of papers that are becoming more popular every day are the Element Rice Papers as well as the Raw Rolling Papers. Element papers are made from paper made from pure rice which was then pressed very thinly to make the paper burn extra slow. Element then added a very thin strip of natural gum from sugar to seal the paper which also turns into caramel as it burns providing a very smooth and even smoking experience. Raw papers have also become very popular do to their natural “proprietary” blend of vegan unbleached fibers, resulting in a thin, brown translucent paper.

No matter what your preference is when rolling your medication now a days companies are aware that the consumer is requesting a healthier alternative and therefore releasing more “natural” papers in hopes to win the customers business in the rolling paper game. Feel free to visit our rolling paper section on our site to browse through the variety of different papers we currently offer at 

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