Surplus of Medical Marijuana in California Causing Price Cuts

45, 45 cap, medical marijuana, medical shops, 420,I recall a few years back when I first obtained my doctors recommendation and went into my first medical marijuana dispensary seeing that the average price for some top quality medication was right around $50-55 dollars for an 1/8th. Now a days you see signs advertising $35 and $45 dollar caps for an 1/8th! I asked myself how this was possible, that a couple years ago I would have been paying close to $20 dollars more for the same quality I could find now at $35 and $45 dollars for an 1/8th. So I did some research and the results were quite surprising to say the least.

45, 45 cap, medical marijuana, medical shops, 420, The results I found were various from; the increase in dispensaries opening which means more selection for patients, the increase in farmers growing medical marijuana providing the collectives, as well as patients deciding to cultivate their own medical marijuana for personal consumption. These factors have all resulted in driving down the price of medication in todays market. With a wide variety of different dispensaries, patients are now able to visit the dispensary with the best prices in their local area. Patients no longer have to visit the dispensary down the street which suggest a $50 donation for an 1/8th when the patient now has access to the same type of medication from the dispensary which is 10 minutes away from home at $45 even $35 dollars an 1/8th at times.

Along with having access to a wide variety of collectives and dispensaries, some patients have decided to move away from storefronts all together and have now began to cultivate their medications in their back yard providing more convinient access to their medication.

45, 45 cap, medical marijuana, medical shops, 420,After all the research I had done in regards to why the prices had changed from a couple years back to todays market prices it came down to one obvious answer, supply and demand. The supply of medical marijuana has grown do to the fact that more dispensaries have opened their doors, along with the increase in farmers the availablility of medical marijuana has grown a substantial amount. Because of the availability, consumers as well as dispensaries and collectives have had to take down prices for the simple fact that the supply is definately higher in todays market then the demand.

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