Choosing The Right Dram Size Containers

                We here at A&A packaging endure our creativity in creating state compliant packaging supplies and materials. Our vials and containers are available in many sizes to meet all of our customer’s criteria’s. Pharmaceutical containers are determined by Dram size rather than grams.
Child resistant reversible cap vials are a great choose when it comes to staying compliant. Reversible caps are child resistant and open with a push and turn motion.

Available Dram sizes;

8 Dram Reversible caps (Fits 1 Gram)
13 Dram Reversible caps(Fits 2 Grams)
20 Dram Reversible caps(Fits 3.5 Grams)
30 Dram Reversible caps (Fits 7 Grams)
40 Dram Reversible caps(Fits 10 Grams)
60 Dram Reversible caps(Fits 14 Grams)

            Pop Top containers are also determined by Dram size and are among the most popular. Simply squeeze the upper level of the container and the lid will open following a “pop” sound effect.

Available Pop Top containers Dram Sizes;
13 Dram Pop Top containers (Fits 1-2 Grams)
19 Dram Pop Top containers (Fits 3.5 Grams)
30 Dram Pop Top containers (Fits 7 Grams)
60 Dram Pop Top containers (Fits 14 Grams)

As A&A packaging offers many different sizes and colors we will work close with our customers to provide the best support in finding the right vials and containers that suit your business. Feel free to place an order for a FREE sample kit by clicking the “Request Samples” tab on our home page.

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One Response to Choosing The Right Dram Size Containers

  1. I am looking for a 19dram (rx bottle) air tight, for diabetic test strips but must be a SQUARE SHAPE

    opaque is best

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