Baggies VS Medicine Vials

medical vials, pop top vials, medicine jars   For many years there has been a long argument regarding the decision of packaging your medications in baggies or in a standard pharmaceutical medicine vial. Today we will discuss and evaluate both baggies and vials to determine which is more effective.

Ziploc baggies and generic baggies are of course made out of plastic. The type of plastic is polyethylene. When polyethylene material is used, it is typically applied for flexible plastic products such as baggies, plastic food wraps, film covers, and straws. Polyethylene is used due to the fact of its low density base. Baggies do offer an air tight solution; however the temperature it could withstand is extremely low compared to medicine vials. Over a short period of time anything that is contained inside the baggie will start to experience a non-air tight environment, causing the product inside the baggie to go bad. Sunlight is much more successful in passing through the baggie due to its high temperature. The higher temperature the plastic can withhold inside, the more it could withstand the heat. Sunlight can potentially dry out your medication when stored inside a baggie.

 Pharmaceutical medicine vials are made with PP plastic. When PP plastic material is used, it is typically applied to containers and vials that are used for foods, cosmetics, medicine, and other items that can potentially expire over time. PP plastic allows the product inside of the container to keep its form and last longer over time. All major pharmacy packaging manufacturers use PP plastic due to its strong based molecules that allow the plastic to keep its shape and withstand high temperatures of heat. Many of our containers such as the pop top containers and child resistant containers are made with PP plastic to assure quality and convenience.
As we have discussed the negatives and positives of both baggies and pharmacy vials, it is clear that pharmacy vials can keep your medications fresh and in return your customers happy.

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