October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Save-the-Tatas-LogoIf you don’t know already October is the official month of Breast Cancer awareness. Breast Cancer awareness is a serious illness that needs to be further researched and studied in order to find preventive treatment as well as what precautionary measures should be taken in order to decrease the chance of breast cancer. From the NFL to the MLB you will begin to notice a lot of pink going around as pink has grown to become the color to resemble breast cancer awareness.

pinkWe here at Vialsondemand are pink crazy during the month of October! Pink bubblers, pink water pipes, pink vials, we are ready for the Breast Cancer awareness month of October. We currently have many of our customers requesting all of their pop top and reverse cap containers in our pink colors! Feel free to spread the word of Breast Cancer Awareness by picking up your pink vials as well as accessories at http://www.VialsOnDemand.com.

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A&A Packaging adds the G Pen Vaporizer and the G Pen Vaporizer Micro to their collection of Vaporizers.


Due to popular demand A&A Packaging now offers the G Pen line of Vaporizer pens and accessories

A&A Packaging, L.A.’s one stop shop for medical marijuana dispensary supplies has announced the addition of the G Pen vaporizer pen to their line of vaporizer products.

The G Pen design is made up of four essential pieces. You have the screw in mouthpiece tip, the tank which is where you would put the concentrate oils, the stainless steel metal casing that houses the G Pen Tank and of course the battery unit. The G Pen boasts a sleek sturdy all black design and is essential for getting the most out of your concentrate oils at home or on the go.

The G Pen has a great presentation and it comes packaged in a stylish box that makes for easy storage when the pen is not in use. Aside from the standard usb charger that most vaporizer pens come with the G Pen vaporizer also comes with a concentrate tool to help with the application of the oils as well as with two glass concentrate containers for proper storage of your oils.

The growing popularity of concentrated oils within the MMJ industry has given new life to the vaporizer pen community. The process of heating up the oils to the point that only the necessary vapors are being inhaled is said to produce a less “toxic” end result for the consumer. Another added bonus is the convenience these pens present. The G Pen vaporizer comfortably fits in the palm of your hand and gives you the freedom to take it with you wherever you go.

Aside from the G Pen Vaporizer unit A&A Packaging has also started carrying replacement parts for the current G Pen owners. A&A Packaging currently carry’s replacement coils and replacement tanks for the G Pen Vaporizer

A&A Packaging is a “one stop shop” for packaging materials (reverse cap vials, pop top marijuana bottles ,glass jars, prescription bags and  prescription labels), vaporizers (710 vaporizer pen, optimus atmos vaporizer pen, G Pen vaporizer, and the phantom digital vaporizer) glass and metal water pipes(hand pipes, novelty pipes, bubblers, bongs) as well as a large selection of concentrate tools and smoke shop accessories (generic dabbers, glass wands, skillet tools, clear eyes, rolling papers, blunt wraps ash trays, grinders etc..). With competitive pricing and flexible shipping options it’s no surprise as to why so many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries count on A&A Packaging for all of their dispensary supply needs.

For more information about A&A Packaging or to see a catalog of the items we currently carry please visit http://www.vialsondemand.com

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States Finally Begin Adopting Compassionate, Commonsense Legislation For The Medical Marijuana Industry.

Uruguay_2632936bWithin the last couple of months the Medical Marijuana Industry has seen promising advances thanks to pleasantly surprising legislative rulings on its behalf. For several years now the amount of support surrounding the legalization of Medical Marijuana has been slowly growing, steadily pushing beyond city, state, and even country borders. What were once only whispers in the dark have now materialized into legal action to allow for the decriminalization and in some cases the recreational use of Medical Marijuana by adults. Although there is still a long road ahead it is increasingly motivating to see the amount of positive reports that have recently flooded our news outlets. It is as if the constant debates and dialogue many MMJ advocates have diligently engaged in over the past few years are finally reaching those once deaf ears of congress. The funny thing about commonsense is that it is really not that common at all, we can only hope that as these debates intensify and begin to take center stage our congress begins to realize how the benefits of legalization far outweigh any perceived negative repercussions. Not only is legalization an asset from a monetary point of view but more importantly it is quickly becoming the medicine of choice for patients suffering from severe medical conditions.

“I feel that this is something, whatever faith we practice, we all believe that helping those who are sick, helping them recover and also helping them deal with pain, that’s a tenet in every faith and every religion,”-Pat Quinn (Illinois Governor)

As active members and supporters of everything MMJ business related we here at http://www.vialsondemand.com would like to congratulate the states of New Hampshire (18), Washington D.C (19), and Illinois (20) for taking the first major step towards officially authorizing the physician-recommended use of cannabis for qualified patients (20 down 30 to go). Although getting a bill passed by the senate and signed by the state’s governor is a crucial step it is still only one of the many hurdles on the road to legalization. In Illinois lawmakers are being criticized because even though they will allow patients the use of medical cannabis, the topic of allowing patients to grow at home is not as acceptable. This could prove to be a dilemma for those patients who need the medicine but may not live close enough to an authorized Marijuana Dispensary.

In Washington D.C patients are one step closer to pain relief as the first Medical Marijuana purchase in the state’s history has been recently recorded. New Hampshire is also on the verge as they have recently created a committee to assist with the regulation of Medical Marijuana patients and dispensaries within the state. Their approach appears to be much more organized than that of previous states and we are all keeping a close eye on the developments.

Here at www.vialsondemand.com we are all about the little guys doing big things and we would like to congratulate the country of Uruguay for their forward thinking and bravery. Uruguay is on the verge of becoming the first country in the world to officially accept the cultivation and selling of Medical Marijuana. They have in essence taken the bull by the horns and you can guarantee that other countries around the world are keeping a close eye on the developments. With countries like Uruguay taking such drastic steps towards the legalization of Medical Marijuana it finally seems as though the idea of legalization has become the reasonable option.

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Michigan to Revise its Marijuana Dispensary Laws?

MIchiganAfter the Michigan Supreme court ruled earlier this year that medical marijuana dispensaries have no legal grounds to operate in the state, the state took action and shut down a numerous amount of dispensaries in the state of Great Lakes. Hundreds if not thousands of patients were now left without safe access to obtain medication for their ailments. The state law makers of Michigan seem to have sympathy for their ill residents whom use medical cannabis to treat their ailments, so much as they are looking to talk about a bill that would legalize and regulate the dispensaries. More medical marijuana friendly states should follow suite and understand what happens when medical marijuana dispensaries are shut down by local or even federal government which then forces its patients to look for medication resources elsewhere including street vendors and “back alley” pharmacies.

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Equal Rights for the Gay Community. Could Safe Access for medical marijuana patients be Next?

EqualRightsIt is a historical day for the gay community when news came out of the Supreme Court that DOMA violates the “equal protection principles” which in turn, means that the Supreme Court has struck down a 1996 federal law that denied benefits to same-sex couples. This is a big step for not only the gay community but the whole United States of America as a country acknowledging that times are changing and we should take a look at certain laws when it comes to equality for all people throughout the nation.

526859_546192005412783_2067938509_n               It’s obvious that the courts are beginning to embrace change especially when it comes to equality for all people in the United States so what does this mean for medical marijuana users? Do to the fact that the court has acknowledged a change in times I feel that it’s only a matter of time when it comes to updating the laws and views on medical marijuana on a federal level. The fact of the matter is that medical marijuana users are simply looking for equality as well. They are looking for the equal rights as well as safe access that ill individuals have when they have a prescription for certain RX drugs. All medical marijuana users are asking for is that they have safe access to medication without any pressure from local or federal law enforcement. Personally I feel that the best part about the Supreme Court ruling this morning is the fact that court has begun to acknowledge a change in time and it will only be a matter of time before we take a look at other federal laws in effect that may need some revising to be current with the times.

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The 710 Vaporizer Pen Reviewed

collageIn a market flooded by vaporizer pens we thought it would be a good idea to blog a review on our hottest selling item when it comes to the vaporizers category. The 710 vaporizer pen we have seen gets amazing feedback as far as its quality and build is concerned. The vaporizer pen is compatible with concentrated medication such as oils and waxes. Users of the 710 vaporizer pen have stated that they like the fact that the combustion chamber is interchangeable and can be replaced in case of any issues such as clogging, or dirty chambers which make the pen inoperable.


710vapeThe 710 pen comes with the following items; ONE 710 cart (transparent atomizer), ONE 710 cart shell (for protecting the atomizer), ONE Inhaler (flat shape with more comfort ability), ONE Inhaler Cap (for keeping the inhaler clean and hygienic), ONE 710 tool to easily fill the 710 cart, and ONE USB Charger. The 710 pen comes with all the essentials (minus the medication of course) to get you “up” and going. It has a matte black finish with a led display to show the amount of use as well as amount of battery left on your 710 vaporizer.


MINI_1024x1024The 710 vaporizer pen has had great feedback and is a quality vaporizer pen on the market. It is easy to clean and the battery has a long lasting charge if charged fully and properly. The 710 pen vaporizer is available on our site as well as the 710 mini which is the same vaporizer pen just in a smaller more compact design for easy transportation.

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Prescription Drugs vs Medical Cannabis: The never ending debate.

MedicationsFor years marijuana advocates have made the argument that medical cannabis has benefited them much more than any prescription medication they ever consumed or were prescribed. Prescription drugs as we all know have some serious side effects depending on which medication is being consumed whether it be; anti-depressants, opioids, Percocet’s. Many of us are familiar with these prescription drugs some of which have side effects such as even more depression or anxiety, chemical dependency, or even suicidal thoughts.


saferOn the other hand you have marijuana users whom use the natural plant for its proclaimed medicinal purposes of relieving symptoms such as; anxiety, depression, pain, as well as issues such as problems sleeping. One thing many individuals can agree on whether they use marijuana or not are the side effects of using marijuana. The side effects are not nearly as serious as side effects that result from using certain prescription drugs. There is no proof that you can become chemically dependent on marijuana nor does it cause you to have suicidal thoughts. The difference in side effects between marijuana and prescription drugs are frankly black and white, black in this case being the prescription drugs do to some of the harsh side effects certain prescription drugs have.


helpline5The fact of the matter is when we look at the bigger picture, how many marijuana users are being admitted into rehabilitation centers compared to the number of prescription drug users being admitted. The numbers would be a world of a difference. What is your take on this matter? Do you think some illnesses require prescription medication or do you find that marijuana is a useful source of medication for many of your illnesses without having the side effects of some prescription drugs?

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